Pancake Dies

Watch these videos to learn what a Pancake Die is, and step by step instructions on how to use them & the die opener!


Pancake dies are used to cut shapes quickly and save yourself from endless saw cutting!

Potter USA Pancake Die Information:

  1. The pancake dies are designed to cut non-ferrous metal (copper, silver, brass, gold, nickel) 20 gauge and thicker to about 16 gauge.
  2. They work best when the metal is hard. If the metal is too soft, you will get a burr and it will be difficult to remove your part from the die. Do not anneal metal first.
  3. The dies only work in one direction - with words face down.
  4. Dies are pre-sprung so that you know where to put the metal.
  5. If you use metal that is too thick or too thin, it is possible to damage the die.
  6. As long as you stay within the recommended gauges, the dies should last many years under normal use.