Polishing Belts For Expandable Drums

Polishing belts for gem stones - perfect for a high shine.

Cork Belts are cloth backed and have a cork coated surface impregnated with cerium oxide. They are perfect for polishing any gemstone that cerium oxide works on. Due to the chunks of cork, their appearance is much rougher than their stated grit, but they soften dramatically when wet. When the cerium oxide on these durable belts is consumed, many of our customers simply add more for extended use.

Crystalbelts and GemPro belts are made from resin treated fabric designed to accept a charge of diamond compound. These belts have been designed to eliminate orange peel and undercutting.The belts are excellent for the final polish, using 3000, 8000, 14000 and 50000 mesh diamond compound. They have the necessary drag to flow finish a gemstone.