Cubic Zirconia Faceting Rough - Per Piece

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is made from zirconium oxide and should not be confused with the natural stone, zircon.

CZ is dense material with a specific gravity of about 5.8(+/-), no cleavage, and very low heat sensitivity.

CZ makes a beautiful and interesting cut gem due to it's high (2.15-2.18) Refractive Index. CZ cuts relatively quickly and easily, but can offer some challenge in polishing.

The traditional "best" combinations for polishing CZ are #100,000 diamond on a Type Metal Lap or #50,000 diamond on a Tin Lap. There are also good reports of final polishing with #50,000 diamond on ceramic, zinc, Fast Laps and Crystalite Last Laps.