Hand Gravers, Handles & Milgrain Tools

Gravers are small cutting tools used for stone setting, texturing, de-burring and applying decorative embellishments and traditional hand engraving.

Gravers do not come ready to use.

Steps required to prepare new gravers include mounting, sizing, shaping, sharpening and proper storage.

Gravers are among the most useful tools at a jeweller's bench.

Click here for a great article on preparing gravers for initial use.

Milgrain is a design detail used in jewellery making that decorates the edges of a piece with a fine texture. The technique can highlight precious gems and lend an antique feel to the design. The milgrain tool or milgrain wheel, resembles a tiny pizza cutter. To form the milgrain patterns, the wheel is lubricated with a light machine oil and rolled back and forth along the area desired.

Click here for a short video demonstrating a Milgrain tool. (Please note, tool sizes mentioned in the video differ to that which we stock. Refer to the sizes in the product listing.)