Diamond Plated Carving Burrs - Lasco

Lasco premium quality diamond plated burrs. Made in the USA.


For Over fifty years, Lasco have been manufacturing quality diamond burs in the United States, in California. Their products give great results when used on all types of materials including Precious and Semi Precious Gems, all types of Stone, Glass, Metal, Tile, Wood, Industrial Composites, Exotic Composites, Plastics, Resins, Egg Art, Porcelain, Ceramics, and much more. Their customer's are located world wide and include Artists, Universities, Industrial Companies, and discriminating hobbists.

Lasco's exclusive bonding process assures uniform diamond placement and extreme accuracy in controling the thickness of the bonding material. The diamond is positively anchored, and will not peel or pull out. Our triple inspection guarantees absolute consistency in grinding shanks to a tolerance of plus or minus two ten thousandths of an inch. Concentricity is guaranteed. Lasco Diamonds hold a cutting area without skipping, binding, or jumping. You enjoy fast, vibration free, self cleaning grinding action.

While these tools are optimized for use in a Dental style Lab Handpiece or Foredom machine, they can also be used in a Dremel or most any other rotary machine equipped with a 3/32 (2.35mm) collet or a variable chuck. Lasco offer tools in grits from as coarse as 40 grit to as fine as 600 grit. The dimensions listed below are approximate using standard 150 girt, variations occur due to the placement of the diamond particles and the grit selected. Coarser tools will be a little larger and finer grit tools will be a little smaller.