Resin Bonded Faceting Laps

Lightning Laps are available in resin bonded diamond as well as conventional polish abrasives such as Cerium Oxide and Aluminium Oxide. They are also available as an uncharged lap so that you can use your own choice of abrasive for final polishing.

Lightning Laps diamond D’Lites are chemically bonded faceting laps that are available in seven different grit sizes. The laps are colour coded to make it easier to identify the grit size.

Diamond D’Lites do not have the harsh, sometimes unpredictable abrasiveness of loose diamond powder, or of plated diamond products.

The laps will surprise you with their quick, smooth polishing of facets in preparation for the next or even final stage of polishing.

Diamond D’lites are not to be used as a roughing in, or pre-forming lap. This function is best performed using a diamond plated lap..

Lightning Laps tend to cut aggressively and polish finer and smoother than metal bonded, plated or loose diamond grits. They will take you to final polishing without newly induced rogue scratches or “orange peel”. This will save you time and effort and can prevent a great deal of frustration.

Lightning Laps must only be used with water as a lubricant. The laps perform well at speeds between 150 to 500rpm. Use more water when polishing at faster speeds to offset any heat gain.

Clean them up using mild dishwashing detergent – do not use any type of distillate solutions on these laps.