Klingspor CS321 belts are cloth backed and tear resistant. They are suitable for sanding of stone, glass, plastic, glass and metals including stainless steel.

These belts are made with silicon carbide abrasive glued onto a waterproof cotton backing. The CS321X is heavyweight cotton and is an all purpose/general purpose backing used in a wide variety of belting applications

Silicon Carbide is second only to diamond in hardness; however it is very brittle due to the narrow grain body. Therefore when pressure is applied to the tip of this grain it fractures. This characteristic is referred to as friability. The benefit of friability is that a sharp edge is always against your work piece providing extremely consistent finishing ability.

This makes silicon carbide suitable for finishing type operations where the pressure required for working is lower than it would be in removal grits. Therefore it is perfect for the sanding stages of gemstone cutting, while your heavier grinding should be performed with diamond grinding wheels or disks.

Made In Germany.