Micro Motors


The micro motor handpiece is necessary equipment in the dental industry. In the dental laboratory, it is used for cutting, grinding, polishing dental prosthesis and in the dental clinic, it can be used with angle handpieces for implant surgery.



In the jewellery field, the micro motor handpiece is ideally used in the manufacture of rings and other small items. Previously the hanging cable motor has been used in this industry, but now micro motor handpieces are starting to be more popular for delicate and precise work. They are used for jewellery setting, wax carving, modelling, grinding, and polishing.

The micro motor handpiece is also used in the industrial arts such as wooden or metal craft and is used for creative work.

These micro motors are perfect for carving and polishing gemstones as they are hard wearing, have excellent torque and can be used for extended periods of time without the fear of burn out or overloading


Saeshin have been manufacturing precision micro motor handpieces since 1976. Their products conform to rigorous international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE0120) and are strictly quality controlled.

All products come with a full 12 months factory warranty.