ProCabber 150mm x 6 Wheel Stainless Steel Cabbing Machine

Fully Equipped Supplied With REZ Flexible Diamond Wheels

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Our ProCabber cabbing machines are Australian made in Ballina NSW. They are fully stainless steel in construction including the shaft and bearings! Both the motor and the shaft pulleys have keyways to prevent the pulleys from slipping.

Pro Cabbers have a longer shaft than less expensive imported machines, enabling greater spacing between the wheels. This allows much better access to the edge of the cabbing wheels.

Shafts are 1" stainless steel and threaded at both ends. The shaft reduces to 3/4" then steps to 5/8" on both ends to accept left or right hand alloy face plates with a 5/8" UNF thread. Our shafts are also tapped out with a 1/4" thread on both ends to accept a range of accessories and plastic face plates that come witha 1/4" male thread.
The shafts accept silicon carbide, diamond wheels or rubber expandable drums of any brand.

Although we reccomemend using (Genuine USA Made Nova Wheels) we are now offering a more buget friendly option. 
These REZ wheels are also very durable and able to be re-coated via our re-coating service just like any other soft wheel. 

The rest of the machine is comes as follows:

Stainless steel body Machine, with shaft, shaft nuts and four wheel spacers.

A 1/2hp fully sealed Australian supplied motor that is C-Tick approved. A drive belt and one speed pulley system.

Water supply kit (6 taps and water manifold). The manifold screws on to a standard garden hose with the male fitting supplied.

Two (hard) Diamond plated wheels, standard set up and general purpose grits are #100 #220.
Along with your choice of soft wheel, the standard grits are #280 #600 #1200 #3000 which suite a wide range of gemstones. 

We recommend three hard and three soft wheels as a better configuration for Lighting Ridge and Coober Pedy opal cutting. Our team is happy to give you advice on the best configuration to meet your particular requirements

A left hand Alloy face plate with #320 diamond disk for grinding flats. The face plate has been mounted with a magnet so any aditional grinding disc can be easily interchanged.

A right hand alloy face with magnetic backed felt for polishing. The face plate thas been mounted with a anti tarnish steel disk so aditional magentic felts can be easily interchanged. 

Choice of either Cerium Oxide or 50,000 Diamond Polishing Compound. We recommed 50,000 diamond for most gemstones however believe Cerium oxide to be better with Lightning Ridge or Coober Pedy Opal.

You will need to organise your own gravity fed container and hose that will attach to the back of the manifold.

The Pro Cabber is a single speed machine, however can be converted to 3 speed with the addition of our optional 3 Step Pully System for an additional $140.00

The single speed version runs at 1775 rpm. The optional 3 speed pulleys give you the following range of speeds: 850, 1420 and 1988 rpm.

All customisation and any warranty work is carried out in our own workshop. We have many years of experience in selling and servicing cabbing machines.

Unlike our competition, the staff at Gemcuts include professional commercial cutters and can offer the best advice there is. If you are shopping purely on price then be careful - you are only going to get what you pay for!




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