GSP8 Complete Vertical Cabbing Machine

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GSP8 Complete Vertical Cabbing Machine

Complete Cabbing Machine Version

This Australian Made unit is constructed of aluminium alloy casting, stainless steel shaft and heavy duty bearings. Gemmasta machines are finely engineered and manufactured in Ballina, NSW.

It is supplied with the following accessories that will allow you to completely finish cabochons:

-200mm (8 Inch) Machined Aluminium Face Plate. Steel disc attached.
-200mm (8 Inch) 100 Grit diamond disk with magnetic backing. 
-200mm (8 Inch) 320 Grit diamond disk with magnetic backing.
-Set of 4 Resin Bonded Diamond Disks for the sanding process. The disks have a foam core which allows enough "dip" to get an evenly rounded surface on your cabochons. They are magnetically backed and attach to the face plate without the need for glue. The disks are manufactured by -Gemmasta in Ballina and replacements are readily available.Standard set up is 280 (BLACK), 600(BROWN), 1200(GREY) & 3000(PINK) Grit.
-Felt disk on a magnetic backing and 50,000 diamond compound for final polishing. Cerium or Tin Oxide are available as alternatives. (Please advise your preference).
-Gemmasta manufactured water kit with an articulated water hose to apply water to the disks. The water kit accepts a standard garden hose style of connection. We highly recommend using a gravity feed water feed to avoid building up too much pressure in the water system. (Water hose is now a movable metal hose) varies from image. 
-Brass water drain outlet through the base of the tray. Simply connect 25mm clear plastic tubing for your waste water (not supplied).
-12mm square profile rubber strip to deflect the water spray back into the tray.
-Marine carpet in the tray to prevent damage to stones if they come off the dop or out of your fingers.
-Supplied on an epoxy sealed board with a 1/3 hp motor (RPM - 800)
-Base board is 45x45cm there is no longer motor overhang as seen in above images.
-Designed to sit approximately 5cm overhang over the front of bench for drainage hole. Necessary bench depth needed 40cm.


Please note:

Safety glasses should be worn when grinding with any abrasives!

Stone dusts as well as organic material dusts can be very hazardous. Protective breathing equipment such as a face mask should be used to protect your lungs. Good ventilation is also highly recommended.

Care Of Steel Diamond Plated Products
At the end of each working day stack any laps vertically to dry (a dish draining rack is good for this).
Care should be taken to dry any steel diamond plated disks and steel backing plates. A light spray of Inox or WD40 between uses will help prevent surface rust forming. Do not use chemicals such as rust converters on the plated disks as the chemicals may destroy the plating and cause even greater rusting.



Brand Gemmasta
Shipping Weight 23.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.610m
Shipping Height 0.480m
Shipping Length 0.530m
Shipping Cubic 0.155184000m3
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.450m
Assembled Height 0.330m
Assembled Width 0.470m

Good introductory machine and might be all that yo

By: on 19 December 2020
I am a member of the local lapidary club, so use all of the standard grinders and cab sanding machines there. I bought this one for home use, and after giving it a workout on a good number of stones (particularly opal), I love it. It doesn't take much space in my workshop (it sits on top of my table saw table) and is much cheaper than going for a wheeled machine. Swapping magnetic disks is quick and easy, and centering them is OK after some practice. Flat lapping stone backs is simple, and I can now get a good polish that I'm happy with. I could say that I prefer using this machine compared to the higher-end ones. I can't think of a way to improve it, except perhaps the addition of a speed control, but even that is probably unnecessary. Two thumbs up from me.

In my experience!

By: on 22 July 2020
Hi, I’m an opal cutter who is accustomed to a flat vertical machine to cut on, I learned back in 1992 that way when you had to keep dipping stone in water to keep it cool. I adapted my own machinery to get by til now, so this Is a great find for me. The price is fantastic, delivery on time, and put a drainage hose on and away I went. The magnetic system makes this very versatile yet space saving. I was surprisingly (no offence to manufacturer) impressed with the quick grinding capability of the 150grit , watch your knuckles, and gave it a good work out and didn’t notice any issues with the grit wearing, I need this to last me a while. I also like to be able to cut reasonably flat faces when needed which this allows me to do. After hrs of constant use I noticed The need to keep refilling my small reservoir, so opted instead to connect it directly to my outside tap by hose connection, and I know they say not recommended in case to much pressure, but I just open the machines tap fully, THEN, turn the outside tap on So as not to over pressurise the hose, just be careful. Sorry this is the first review I’ve ever done not sure what the protocol is, but that’s my experience. Have fun ✋

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