Potter 20 Ton Jewellers Press

20 Ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press Without Jack or Gauge

We are pleased to be able to offer the fully Australian manufactured version of the Potter USA 20 Ton Jewellers Press. It is made in Ballina, NSW under licence from Potter USA to the same exacting standards as the USA made Press.

The Potter USA Press has been designed to safely and efficiently form metal in a jewelry studio environment. It has many features including its 12mm steel plate construction, with no welds on the entire press (just on the upper and lower platens). Bolts, nuts and support brackets make it extremely strong and rigid. The press is compact and elegantly designed. 

Must be bolted to a strong table for safe use. Bolt to surface through the feet, using 1/2 UNC thread bolt or a strong C-clamp. Do not use a portable tool chest or any other light table, as it can all fall over during use.

The upper platen is 200mm x 125mm deep, and the Lower Platen is 200mm wide x 150mm inches deep x 24mm thick and will resist flexing and distortion under the most extreme use.

The upper platen is held in with a bolt and is removable.

Outer Dimensions: 560mm high x 400mm wide x 175mm long.

The space between platens is approx. 175mm if you use a standard height jack, and 225mm if you use a low profile jack. The low profile jack allows for more space to do deep-draw work.

The frame has a lifetime warranty. Should it ever be damaged or malfunction in anyway, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost.

Press is made of 12mm thick steel plate. It has been tested to far exceed the 20 ton rating. The frame and platens are powder-coated. This is a very durable finish.


  • Affordable
  • Highly compact
  • Bench mounted
  • Very easy to use
  • Many accessories available
  • Works with other press manufacturer's accessories
  • Lifetime Warranty on press frame
  • Space between platens: 175mm with a standard height jack or 225mm with a low profile jack.
  • 150mm deep x 200mm wide lower platen.
  • Outer dimensions:560mm High x 400mm wide x 250mm deep.
  • Frame is made to allow for transition to an electric hydraulic system if requested.

The frame will fit any other 20 ton jack on the market