Colour Change Cubic Zirconia Faceting Rough

The CZ listed here is all colour change material. It changes colour significantly when viewed in daylight or incandescent light compared to fluorescent light. The sample photo shows a mix of colours, the top row is photographed in and the bottom picture under fluorescent light.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is made from zirconium oxide and should not be confused with the natural stone, zircon.

CZ is dense material with a specific gravity of about 5.8(+/-), no cleavage, and very low heat sensitivity.

CZ makes a beautiful and interesting cut gem due to it's high (2.15-2.18) Refractive Index. CZ cuts relatively quickly and easily, but can offer some challenge in polishing.

The traditional "best" combinations for polishing CZ are 100,000 diamond on a Type Metal Lap or 50,000 diamond on a Tin Lap. There are also good reports of final polishing with 50,000 diamond on ceramic, zinc, Fast Laps and Crystalite Last Laps.